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Ultima Thule Lodge - Accommodation

Stretching from Canada’s Yukon Territory to the Pacific Ocean, Wrangell-St. Elias National Park is part of the largest protected land mass on earth. Most people will never see it. You can be one of the few.

When visiting Alaska, people ask you “Who are you flying with?” and even if you’re a skilled pilot with your own private plane, there’s just one hamlet deep enough in the mountains where you can buy enough fuel to reach this hidden valley. Flying over these peaks requires an experienced bush pilot; you want someone who grew up in a cockpit; you want Paul Claus. Although the land surrounding Ultima Thule Lodge is deep in a national park, it is utterly inaccessible and almost entirely unvisited.

The planes of Ultima Thule are the physical expression of the Claus family’s love of wilderness. For all of time most of this wilderness was unexplored. Now, with the Claus family’s celebrated gift for landing gently in the wild, guests can actually touch a part of this vast wilderness. There is no added or hourly charter cost for flying – it is part of the experience.

The Lodge is deep within this Alaskan wilderness set on a hillside between the towering McColl ridge, a 7,000 feet vertical rock face, and a 3-mile-wide stretch of the Chitina River and is only accessible by plane. Immersed in nature, you will discover an outpost designed for adventure and enhanced by comfort, 100 miles from the nearest road.


There is no itinerary. The Claus’s and their experienced wilderness guides can help you discover the perfect activity to match your experience level and your interests. Perhaps choose to fly up into a mountain valley, or put down on a sandbar at the edge of the forest and be guided on a hike that literally no one has done before? Maybe kayaking and fish for salmon in a glacial fed river. Or hike in pursuit of Dall sheep across a mountain ridge. The next day you'll find yourself landing in the middle of the largest (non polar) glacier in the world, the Bagley Ice field, for an undisturbed view of the earth's most massive pile of rock and ice, Mt. Logan. Every Day is Unique.

The planes, Piper Super Cubs, can land anywhere! Airstrip? Who needs it! Although Alaska contains the largest protected wilderness on earth, most adventurers never get past overcrowded Denali or at best McCarthy. The Wrangell Mountains are notoriously dangerous and difficult to navigate on foot, even in summer. This is adventuring as it's meant to be, in its purest form, adhering to the laws of nature while respectfully marvelling at her grandeur.


The maximum capacity at the lodge is 12 people. There are 5 private and spacious cabins all with 2 bedrooms, full bathrooms and large sitting rooms, the cabins are nestled on a hillside alive with flowers and the lodges' abundant vegetable garden. A river-rock path winds along the hillside to the next cabin, and up the slope to the main lodge. Perfect for individuals, couples, families or group wishing to celebrate and explore this huge incredible national park.

The cooking crew create their dishes from the bounty of the wilderness around you. Every meal features fresh Alaskan game and fish, the harvest of fresh vegetables from the Claus family garden, fresh-baked bread and pastries from the ovens. Dining is a stimulating experience as guests trade stories and snapshots of the day’s adventures, all the while knowing that right now, they are living the perfect moment. Everyone at the table has been changed today; each in their own way.

There is an Alaskan sauna which has wonderful and traditional Alaskan amenities for the use of the guest. After a long afternoon of exploring, hiking, skiing, fishing or flying, make your way up to the wood-fired sauna which features a selection of "self spa" facial and body scrubs, masks and oils that are hand made at the lodge using mineral rich glacial mud and other wild crafted ingredients.

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