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Indonesia is made up of 17,000 islands which stretch from Sumatra in the west, covered by dense jungle and home to the endangered orang utang, to the largely unexplored Papua New Guinea in the East which was once home to head hunting tribes. 

Indonesia is unique in its diversity with a range of cultures animals, customs and peoples like nowhere else in the world. For those who search for the truly exotic, who challenge themselves with experiences that are rare and magical yet appreciate service, quality and an unique insight into a destination, Indonesia presents an opportunity to fulfil the ultimate travel experience. 

The first place that comes to mind when considering Indonesia is Bali; a lush mystical island ringed by coral reefs while its close neighbour Lombok is less well known with a much drier climate and a laid back lifestyle. 

Jakarta, the capital is situated on Java which is also home to Mt Bromo an active volcano and also to Borobudur a 9th century Buddhist monument. It is now also possible to sail around the myriad of small islands that lie scattered across the pristine sea. 

One of these islands in the far east of the archipelago is Komodo, home to the Komodo Dragon a large reptile whose existence dates to prehistoric times and whose docile look belies their fearsome nature. 

Indonesia is a paradise for divers with the Raja Ampat islands off the Papua coast having enormous biological diversity, amazing marine life and landscape which makes diving, snorkelling and underwater photography top of any list of activities.


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