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Cambodia shares borders in the north with Laos and Thailand, in the east with Vietnam and in the southwest with the Gulf of Thailand. 

Cambodia has a surprisingly diverse range of terrain with the landscape a blend of rice paddies, sugar palm plantations and remote jungles. 

While most visitors come to see the marvels of Angkor Wat, Cambodia offers plenty of natural beauty for those willing to explore. Bordering the Gulf of Thailand to the southwest, Cambodia offers some lovely beaches, while the north and northeast are mountainous. 

Life in Cambodia has always revolved around two bodies of water: the Mekong River and Tonle Sap Lake. Tonle Sap, the name of which means ‘Great Lake’, is Southeast Asia’s largest freshwater lake and is a UNESCO biosphere reserve. 

Cambodia is the most ethnically homogeneous nation in Southeast Asia. The country remains a predominately agrarian society with 80% of the population who live in the countryside working in agriculture and fishing. 

Contemporary Cambodia is the successor state to the mighty Khmer empire and more than 95 % of its 15 million citizens are ethnic Khmers. The Vietnamese form the largest minority group, followed by Chinese Cambodians and Cham. Remote mountain areas are home to a number of smaller ethnic groups. 

Cambodia’s recent history been a troubled one. During the horrific years that the Khmer Rouge were in power all communications and access to food was strictly controlled. Intellectuals, merchants and members of religious groups were killed. In total over 1.5 million Cambodian people were murdered, worked to death or killed by starvation.

Today the real wonder of Cambodia is its people, after the years of terror their unbreakable spirit has prevailed. It is impossible to visit Cambodia without admiring them, their optimism and their hospitality.

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