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Located in the middle of the Leeward Islands, roughly 17 degrees north of the equator, Antigua has an idyllic climate with long hours of sunshine, low rainfall and cooling sea breezes. It is ringed by an almost unbroken wall of coral and fine white sandy beaches which slope gently into a crystal-clear sea.

The island is not only a perfect destination for beach lovers; it is also an ideal haven for sailing enthusiasts. The trade winds that once blew Nelson’s fleet into safe harbour now make it one of the best sailing venues in the Caribbean and the annual Antigua Sailing Week regatta is one of the foremost maritime events in the world.

Under the water tropical marine plants and animals are diverse and plentiful, with dive sites and reefs perfect for both snorkelling and diving. Cricket lovers will also be in their element, with some of the finest players in the world hailing from Antigua, and it is still easy to find matches being played all over the island.

The capital St John’s, dominated by the white baroque towers of its cathedral, should not be missed for its bustling streets, with a vibrant farmers’ market with folk craft, tropical fruits and a buzzing crowd making for a lively morning. A leisurely drive on winding roads through colourful villages leads to the historic Nelson’s Dockyard Word Heritage Site, a must-see with the handsome buildings now restored and converted into a nautical museum, restaurants and shops.

Home also to world class resorts, spas and restaurants, Antigua is a delight for even the most experienced traveller.

Antigua boasts a delightful tropical climate that attracts travellers from around the world. The island’s weather is characterized by its warm temperatures, refreshing trade winds, and a relatively consistent climate throughout the year.

The best time to travel to Antigua largely depends on one’s preferences and priorities. The peak tourist season typically falls between December and April, when the weather is at its most pleasant. During these months, visitors can expect clear skies, lower humidity levels, and average temperatures ranging from 25°C to 28°C. These conditions make it an ideal time for beach lovers, water sports enthusiasts, and those seeking to escape the cold winter months elsewhere.

If you’re looking to avoid the crowds and secure better deals on accommodations and activities, the shoulder seasons of May to June and November offer a great compromise. While there might be some occasional brief showers, the weather remains warm and inviting. It’s worth noting that hurricane season in the Caribbean officially runs from June to November, with September being the peak month for hurricane activity.


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